Design Objective:  
Design a city planning guide for tourists of the appropriate age demographic based off a city of choosing. Include attractions, restaurants, or other sites to entice tourists to visit the city. Make an attractive pamphlet that visitors will want to use while exploring the new city.

Creative Brief:  
Atlanta was the chosen city based on the fact that it’s an on-going growing city that many young people are moving to. The pamphlet includes a map of the city, an advertisement, a detailed list of attractions and restaurants, as well as delving deep into the history of the city. The logo is like a stamp with a peach symbolizing at their motto as the peach state. The orange shades also play into the peach prominence while utilizing green shades to visually contrast. The name used for the magazine was Atlanta Made due to the many opportunities that the city has to offer. The front cover photo was chosen to show the gorgeous skyline the city has while the back was shown to represent the beautiful sunsets that Atlanta is known for.
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