Design Objective:  
Design a logo, branding, packaging, and style guide based off a product of my choosing. because I think I excelled at making logos and using Adobe Dimension. Create facial masks that will appeal to anyone while also remaining unique to the skincare market.

Creative Brief:  
AURA was created to be a unique, unisex brand that all people will enjoy. Skincare is a never dying industry but has grown to be super popular over the past couple of years. AURA is unique compared to other brands because the three assorted styles of masks are created with the intention of being specific to the user’s skin necessities. AURA has masks dedicated to dry, oily and combination skin types. Green was used because it is a calming, gender neutral color that all will enjoy. The type and wordmark were hand rendered and is a perfect yet simple addition to the packaging. AURA was created to make you feel confident in your skin.
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