Design Objective:  
The app project was created with the intention of making a unique app that will help people cut down on time spent figuring out meal plans. Our app needed to include a monetization value, mock-up files, and Adobe XD files that represented my app.

Creative Brief:  
Feed Me is an app for people looking for new recipes. Whether it be for the family or for their health needs, the app has all the recipes to satisfy people’s cravings. This app will make money by having advertisements featured on the app. These ads will be based on brands that want to collaborate with the app through making recipes with their product. A special feature of the app is the “hashtag search” section. When users are looking for a specific recipe or food, they type in that keyword with a hashtag and see all types of different recipes show up. When creating content on the app, people have multiple different ways users can post their videos. Users can post a one to five-minute step-by-step video meal tutorials or a time lapse video of creators making the meal. The app target audience is not really limited to a certain group, but the app can help anyone looking for a quick and easy way to find recipes. Feed Me can make everyday life much simpler for many people by helping make decisions and finding alternative options for specific ingredients. The colors were chosen to be close to red to make users hungry. Through user experience, results showed that my app was easy to navigate and was user-friendly.
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