Design Objective:  
Design sports branding for a not yet created athletic team unique to the area. Create a style guide, collateral pieces, way finding and environmental graphics for the stadium and team. Use suitable colors, type, and imagery for the branding identity.  

Creative Brief:  
Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina was chosen because it is known to be a place where many people decide to retire or go to for vacations. The area needed more entertainment, other than the beach, so the Wrightsville Waves were created. Shades of blue were utilized to play into the ocean aspect of the town and white to contrast it. The type used was Boucherie Block bold
because it reflected a sporty look that other athletic teams use. For the secondary mark, a unique script type was designed to make a different look that the team would have the option of using for other collateral pieces. The tertiary mark was also designed to be used for collateral pieces as well.
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